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Local Agents Bid By Giving Part Of Their Commission To You On Any Home

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Users Win Up To 3% Of Their Home's Price Back By Using Winning Agents
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The AgentBidz method means you always secure the absolute lowest prices from local real estate agents. With AgentBidz online platform, future buyers or sellers of property start online auctions for prospective real estate agents to bid for their business. This same reverse auction method is used by governments worldwide to secure the best prices by allowing qualified providers to compete against each other for new business. Agentbidz is easy and free to use. Take a minute to fill out the form about your future transaction, start your auction, and in 24 hours you have a great local agent to help you at the discounted price they bid to win your auction.

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sarah in 32940 won $9,450 with AgentBidz

$9,450 with AgentBidz

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Homes are expensive. They are the largest investment in the average persons life and real estate agents take a large portion of their total value. Once your home goes on the market, it becomes a bidding situation for buyers. The best bid from a buyer wins the right to buy your home. So your agent utilized an open auction to secure the best price from buyers, however you never had the auction opportunity to secure the best price from your agent. Agentbidz solves that problem. Now you can hire real estate agents with the same buying power as a corporation or government by using a reverse auction. Reverse auction means prices go down to find a winner instead of up. The AgentBidz platform assures users they keep the highest possible amount of their homes value while still receiving the same service they expect from licensed agents.The AgentBidz platform allows future sellers of buyers of property to secure better deals from local and licensed agents. Instead of having to blindly call through a list of real estate agencies, users can now simply enter basic information and the local agents bid increasingly better rates to win your business. This is all done online without awkward conversations with agents to ask for discounts. All bidding agents work for agencies local to you and are vetted by the Agentbidz team prior to being able to bid. Agentbidz is not your average auction platform, we hold an internal staff of licensed brokers and agents to monitor all external agents that use the platform. Customers use the platform at no cost and Agentbidz operates on a small portion of each winning Agents reduced commission. No fees or commissions are paid until the closing of a sale or purchase of property just like in standard real estate transactions. With agents bidding for customers at auction, customers always secure the lowest market commission rate from their future selling agent. Utilizing competition, property sellers receive the lowest commission underneath the average regardless of the standard market average. Agentbidz only allows experienced agents to bid on the platform and supervises winning agents after auctions, taking the guesswork out of finding a high rated agent for your next real estate transaction. All agents must follow our advanced quality control guidelines to assure the best service for our users. Agentbidz looks into your local market via MLS and finds the optimal commission rate to advertise to buyers agents. We find the minimum % you can offer agents bringing buyers without impacting their willingness to show your home. We then lock this rate in with your selling agent for your listing contract. Agentbidz has internal real estate brokers and agents to oversee the platform and receives a portion of the reduced commission from selling agents. Our team supervises all winning agents who must follow our transaction model, assuring the same high level of service to every user. We can help you or your agent anytime. Should any winning Agent falter, let us know and we guarantee to carry the deal forward for the same rate the winning agent had promised.

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About US

We are a team of realtors and entrepreneurs with an extensive background in the real estate market. By bringing you Agentbidz, we are shaking up the process of real estate, so you keep more money in your pocket! Based out of Melbourne, Florida, our team has dedicated their time and efforts to finally give the market back to the buyers and sellers.

Meet The Team

Charles Wismer License # SL3383979

Charles currently owns a successful property investment firm, Wismer investments, with over 30% profit margins per property through rehabbing and flipping foreclosure properties for the last 4 years. At Momentum Realty he serves as the investment and sales manager, providing consulting services in real estate to other investors. Before real estate, Charles founded and sold a successful telecom sales firm by updating outdated business models through technology.

Matthew Herrick License # BK3295610

Founding an investment real estate brokerage, Matthew has extensive real estate experience and deals with transactions for both small and large scale property owners. He has worked as a manager of Hilton real estate and is accustomed to managing teams of agents. Matthew will operate the partner brokerage, Momentum Realty, to supervise all transactions within the AgentBidz platform.

Thomas Spangler License # SL3378986

Thomas is an ex marine who has transitioned into the world of real estate. He has a very deep technical knowledge base, as he has worked in systems integration, programming, and network administration for the last 8 years. He holds a real estate license but has a passion for cutting edge technology. Thomas will supervise the AgentBidz platform in a technical admin role.

Tessa Reve License # SL3394581

Tessa has assisted with the graphical design and buildout of the AgentBidz platform. She has a background in founding and growing small business. Her primary roles in prior businesses have been customer outreach. Tessa will manage the day to day communications of AgentBidz with customers.