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About US

We are a team of realtors and entrepreneurs with an extensive background in the real estate market. By bringing you Agentbidz, we are shaking up the process of real estate, so you keep more money in your pocket! Based out of Melbourne, Florida, our team has dedicated their time and efforts to finally give the market back to the buyers and sellers.

Meet The Team

Charles Wismer License # SL3383979

Charles currently owns a successful property investment firm, Wismer investments, with over 30% profit margins per property through rehabbing and flipping foreclosure properties for the last 4 years. At Momentum Realty he serves as the investment and sales manager, providing consulting services in real estate to other investors. Before real estate, Charles founded and sold a successful telecom sales firm by updating outdated business models through technology.

Matthew Herrick License # BK3295610

Founding an investment real estate brokerage, Matthew has extensive real estate experience and deals with transactions for both small and large scale property owners. He has worked as a manager of Hilton real estate and is accustomed to managing teams of agents. Matthew will operate the partner brokerage, Momentum Realty, to supervise all transactions within the AgentBidz platform.

Thomas Spangler License # SL3378986

Thomas is an ex marine who has transitioned into the world of real estate. He has a very deep technical knowledge base, as he has worked in systems integration, programming, and network administration for the last 8 years. He holds a real estate license but has a passion for cutting edge technology. Thomas will supervise the AgentBidz platform in a technical admin role.

Tessa Reve License # SL3394581

Tessa has assisted with the graphical design and buildout of the AgentBidz platform. She has a background in founding and growing small business. Her primary roles in prior businesses have been customer outreach. Tessa will manage the day to day communications of AgentBidz with customers.